The Luna Gingerbread Spaceship Tradition

In 2001, me and my girlfriend at the time built a spaceship in gingerbread together with a friend. This started the annual gingerbread spaceship tradition.

If you know me or anyone else of the builders you are welcome to join us any year on the first Sunday of advent at (usually) around two o’clock.


The spaceship rule
The target should always be a spaceworthy vessel. This could include space stations, satellites and battle cruisers. In theory a space suit would also fit the description.
It can be real or fantastic
The spaceship does not have to be from real life. It could just as well be from a TV show, a book or any other myth.
The ship should be a 3D model of the chosen subject.
No preparation
It is not allowed to plan the spaceship in advance or have any prepared sketches. Bringing a book with spaceships or a picture collection or something like that is encouraged though.
Crazy ideas are encouraged
The crazier the better.

Previous Years

2009 Ra’s mothership and Shadow capital ship

Persons present: Luna, zrajm, bkhl, Johan Björstad, Henrik Ödman, Petter, Sanna, Caroline, Björn Tenstedt, Samuel Wennemyr, Samuel, Samuels pappa, Maria, Filemon, Ruth, Ante, Rebecka, Jesper, Tony, Erik Trulsson, Kakan, Lucia, Lennart, Lena-Maria.

2008 — Viper

Persons present included: Kakan, bkhl, Annette, Jakob, Elias, Luna, Tony, and this is why you should write the list at the time of building and not wait until after Christmas. Please help!


2007 — USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

Persons present included: Luna, Kakan, Markus, Zrajm, bkhl, Samuel, Maria, Filemon, Jakob, Eva, Elias, Kerstin, Petter, Katarina, Mira, Jesper, Markus’ nameless friend.


2006 — Tie Fighter Advanced

Persons present included: Luna, Kakan, Åka, Ante, Rebecka, Samuel, Maria, Filemon, Happi, Cilla, Leo, Jakob Engblom, Elias Engblom, Jennifer, Sten, Dessy, Lennart, Jesper Svedberg, Annette Kusma, Petter, Kerstin Nilsson, Markus, Zrajm, Newydd.


2005 — Tintin meets the Reavers

We wanted to try bent shapes. And wow, it did get bent.

Persons present included: Luna, Kakan, Åka, Ante, Rebecka Davour, Erik Sandberg, Anette Kusma, Erik Trulsson, bkhl, Johan Wennemyr, Nicklas, Björn X, Newydd, Marie, Anders Hultman, Kerstin Nilsson, Fredrik ??.


2004 — The Apollo Moon Lander

Persons present included: Kakan, Luna, bkhl, Nicklas, Anette Kusma, Petter, Kerstin Nilsson, August, Ante, Åka, Henrik Abrahamsson, Anna Lewinschein, Anna Lindham, Sten.


2003 — Sputnik 1

We beat the Russians in the Space Race by placing Laika inside Sputnik 1. Laika was actually a mutated pig.

Since spherical shapes are very hard to do, we made Sputnik a dodecahedron instead. We then added antennas and things.

Persons present included: Kakan, Luna, Ante, Magnus Törne and others (please help me with this list).

Unfortunately I don’t know if there are any pictures of this year’s construction at all. Please let me know if you have any.

2002 — No Spaceship this Year

2001 — Space Shuttle

I don’t remember which of the space shuttles it was, we found a picture in an encyclopedia.

The present were: Kakan, Markus, Luna.

There were pictures taken, I just have no idea where they are.